Stationery Lists 2024

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To make going back to school easier for you, we have teamed up with OfficeMax My School to have your stationery requirements loaded onto

Simply select your child's Room/Year Group and follow the instructions on the website.

Buying your stationery requirements through OfficeMax MySchool also earns School Rewards for The Catlins Area School, which we can redeem for much-needed educational supplies for our classrooms.

Class lists can also be accessed and printed here:

2024 Stationery List For Room 1

2024 Stationery List For Room 2

2024 Stationery List For Room 3

2024 Stationery List For Room 19

2024 Stationery List For Year 7 & 8

2024 Stationery List For Students Year 9 & 10 

2024 Stationery List For Year 11 13

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Love These Covers are reusable book covers made from quality, durable polypropylene for every style and size of school book. They are available in over 40 designs and The Catlins Area School benefits from every single book cover purchase that is made. 

Head over to to make your purchase...don't forget to select 'The Catlins Area School' when you checkout. Book cover sizes can be seen here: NZ School Book Size Guide

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