Pastoral Care

‘Connect, Learn, Grow’

The Catlins Area School supports students to become strong, robust and caring adults who will embrace the challenges of work and adulthood. In order to secure this aim we provide the following support for all students:

Everyone has the right to learn in a safe, supportive, and attractive environment. At TCAS, we respect these rights, and show respect to ourselves by displaying our shared, core values: Tenacity, Care, Achievement, Service.

We display Tenacity by; 


  • Striving for our goals 

  • Giving all challenges a go 

  • Taking projects to completion 

  • Keeping motivated, even when it’s tough 

We display Care by; 


  • Showing respect to everyone 

  • Developing tuakana / teina relationships 

  • Caring for our environment 

  • Caring for ourselves and our learning 

We display Achievement by; 


  • Setting high goals for ourselves in all areas including achievement and behaviour 
  • Setting a direction for personal progression and learning 

  • Challenging ourselves with new learning 

We display Service by; 


  • Helping the community (school and wider) 

  • Working for the benefit of others 

  • Taking on responsibility 

  • Being enthusiastic and participating

House Structure

All students upon enrolling are assigned a House. Our houses are Manuka, Nora and Surat, they are named after local shipwrecks. 

Whānau teachers monitor attendance and read the notices for the day. Whānau teachers support students with their studies and assist with any personal worries or concerns.

Acknowledging desired behaviours
The school regularly acknowledges the many students who, through work and play, model high standards of behaviour. We recognise and celebrate those who strive for success, and who embody ‘The TCAS Way’. We believe that positive recognition and acknowledgement are the keys to an effective behaviour management plan.

As a school we achieve this in a variety of ways:

  • Acknowledging positive behaviour and display of our shared values with a TCAS Card

  • The TCAS Way Badge System

  • Assembly recognitions and prize draws

  • Phone calls to parents

  • Teacher individual class certificates/stickers etc.

  • Specific written feedback

  • Verbal praise and recognition

Behaviour Management
The Catlins Area School has a strong behaviour management system, with clearly defined guidelines to establish a smooth running, safe and positive learning environment. We actively promote and participate in restorative practices and positive behaviour instruction.

Celebrating Cultural Diversity
Our school encourages all students to respect and understand the different cultures that make up New Zealand and global societies. We strive to ensure the experiences, cultural traditions, histories and languages of all New Zealanders are recognised and valued.

Service to the Community
Students are encouraged to make a contribution to school and the community outside the classroom.

Parental Involvement and Support
We share the responsibility for your child’s education with you. Children learn best when what is being taught at home is reinforced by what they are learning at school and vice versa.

We welcome your involvement and participation in your child’s activities. Feel free, at any time, to contact us to discuss your child’s progress and learning.