Family Zone

In the interests of continuing our approach to safety with digital devices at school, The Catlins Area School has entered into an agreement with Family Zone

Family Zone Blocked

Family Zone gives the school the ability to further filter our Cloud, VPN and Hot Spotting traffic. As you may know, some cellular service companies are now offering free hotspotting data. In school, this means that students could use unlimited personal data to ‘get around’ our school NFL protections. By using Family Zone, we can prevent devices on our wifi from receiving hotspot data or VPNs. This protects students from unwanted content at school. This does not stop students from using their own cellphone data on a personal cellphone to access unsafe sites. However, as a no cellphone school, we feel we offer adequate protection during school hours from this risk.

Over 1000 schools across Australia, New Zealand, and the United States trust Family Zone to protect their students and ensure a safe and healthy learning environment.

A Day in the Life of a Digital Student

What a difference a day makes, with Family Zone.

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