Here at The Catlins Area School, we are strongly committed to student sport. We offer a wide range of sporting opportunities that support and challenge students to participate, and achieve. These include a number of inter-school tournaments & activities:

  • Area Schools Tournament
  • Netball
  • Rippa/Touch Rugby
  • Hockey
  • Football
  • Cricket

We promote positive attitudes in all aspects of sport and students are encouraged to be involved in sport regardless of their ability. Sport plays an important role in the development of our students by fostering a spirit of fairness and team building, along with the opportunity to develop individual skills and to strive for excellence. Respect for both team members and their opponents is paramount to the TCAS Values.

Sport provides valuable lessons in working with peers towards a common goal, in co-operation, sustained commitment, in acceptance of disappointment and in leadership. The wide variety of sports available to our students enables them to develop new skills, confidence, courage, self-discipline and self-respect.

Within school PE lessons give our students the opportunity to experience activities such as Golf and Sea Kayaking, something that larger schools cannot offer. For Junior students, the Sport Otago 'Sports Activator' teaches skills including football, netball and ripper rugby.

Whole school events such as Athletics Day and Swimming Sports allow students from Year 1-13 to compete, and have fun together, while the annual Beach Day teaches beach safety to Junior students and new skills, like Surfing, to Seniors.