What do New Zealand Apprenticeships involve?

New Zealand Apprenticeships teach you a trade such as:

  • building
  • engineering
  • hairdressing, barbering or beauty
  • agriculture or horticulture
  • tourism
  • sports or fitness

As an apprentice, you:

  • work for, and learn from, an employer who supports you through your apprenticeship
  • complete practical, on-the-job assessments such as showing you can lay carpet
  • attend courses that are part of the apprenticeship such as block courses, evening courses and day-release classes
  • complete written assessments

Benefits of New Zealand Apprenticeships include:

  • earning at least the training minimum wage (employers often pay more as you become more skilled)
  • gaining technical, practical skills
  • gaining a Level 4 New Zealand Certificate when you complete the apprenticeship, which means you are likely to be paid more and have better work opportunities.
  • Employment NZ website - information about the training minimum wage

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