Sports News - 29th November 2019

Sports News - 29th November 2019

Touch, Top Team and Beach Day...


South Otago Touch added another round of Touch yesterday due to cancellations earlier in the season with all three teams having a win. Catlins Crackers will play their catch-up game on Monday at 3:30 pm which then brings us to the semifinals next Thursday, 5th December and Finals on 12th December. ALL teams will have a game regardless.

Top Team

The final round of Top Team was held last week with problem-solving activities indoors before heading outside in between rain showers where they were introduced to Rogaine.  Rogaine is a simplified version of Orienteering using just a map to find markers. The team had 40 minutes to find as many markers while staying attached within an elastic band ensuring the team worked together.


For results and information about this week's Quadrathon, please see:

Beach Day

Parents of students involved in the Year 7-11 Beach Day on December 11th were sent a Google Form to complete on Monday of this week. These forms are now overdue! If you were sent a form, please submit this ASAP.