The 2019 Quadrathon was held on Tuesday at Waiwera South School with 36 TACS students competing, either in teams or as individuals. Quadrathon consists of a 100m swim, 2km bike, 1.5km Cross Country Run and a 1.2km road run.

Thank you to the parents who helped with transport, supervision and with the individual competitors at transition.

Confirmed results are:

Year 7 Boys - Cooper Cleland 24.44 (5th) Blake Affleck 25.57 (6th)
Year 6 Boys - Leo Burgess 27.12 (5th) Hadley Gutsell 27.16 (7th) Archie Valli 28.02 (8th)
Year 8 Girls - Jade Gutsell 29.47(9th) Olivia Hartvigsen 30.16 (10th)

Team Place/    No.Teams Time Swimmer Bike Cross Country Road Run

Catlins Dynamos

(Yr 8 Mixed)

4th/9 24.43 Yui Ajay Amelia Jessica

Catlins Duo

(Yr 5 Boys)

4th/8 24.57 Austin Austin Harry W Harry W

Catlins Racers

(Yr 4 Boys)

3rd/6 26.12 Cooper L Chris Eddie Eddie

Catlins Stars

(Yr 5 Mixed)

2nd/9 26.33 Ruby Tim Jake Rakau

Catlins Crushers

(Yr 6 Mixed)

5th/9 27.05 Lana Peter Dion Skyla

Catlins Crackers

(Yr 6 Mixed)

6th/9 27.15 Poppy Jack William Tangaroa

Catlins Gems

(Yr 6 Girls)

6th/10 28.35 Maddi Shelby Olivia W Maia

Catlins Stormers

(Year 5 Mixed)

4th/9 29.30 Poppy B.J. Zoe Maddox

Tracksuits - ALL tracksuits and borrowed PE tops are to be returned by next Friday, 6th November before incurring a late return fee.

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