Year 10/11 Sea Kayaking

Year 10/11 Sea Kayaking

Last Monday, Year 10 and 11 students who take PE were given an amazing opportunity to go Sea Kayaking at Nugget Point. This was part of their Level 1 Achievement Standard studies, where they have to demonstrate and understand responsible behaviours in the outdoors.

We would like to thank Jared Anderson from Catlins Kayak and Adventure who was a very thorough Tour Guide, making sure we were all briefed well and knew what to do once we were out at sea. He was able to show us all the amazing things that not many people get to experience unless they take the opportunity to get out on a kayak at sea.

Sea Kayaking3

Sea Kayaking7

The students, along with Mrs Wilinson, saw the seals on the rocks, including the small newborn pups. Some came over and checked us out. We could see all the birdlife out a little further out at sea, including different types of Albatross. It was amazing to see how wide their wingspan is when they fly. Getting home was a good challenge and also proved that Sea Kayaking is great for fitness. We geared up for a fun ride back into shore, where we all stayed safety in our kayaks, with most of us still nice and dry. Something that this class has enjoyed this year has been the opportunity to get out and try new sports because we are a small class, it has been a lot easier to make this happen, and hopefully, the students have enjoyed the variety in their learning.

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