Year 10 Writing

Year 10 Writing

Although their camp to Twizel probably seems like a distant memory with everything that has happened since, the Year 10s have some excellent pieces of writing to share with you here...

Water Park

by Charlotte Pitts

I walked through a solid wooden door to discover a massive, blue and orange bouncy castle. I felt my stomach fill with butterflies, I was terrified of the huge park. Magan and I quickly tiptoed over the scorching black ground. The first thing that caught our eyes, was an orange slide off the massive blue and orange bouncy castle. I have never seen Magan climb so fast, we were up there in seconds.

Magan and I leaped down the slide together, when we got down to the bottom Magan turned to me and said “I HATE THAT SLIDE.” We both looked at our white legs and saw red blood on our ankles. “NOOO! Rubber burn, ahh!” Magan screamed. Even though it sounds dramatic we got over it pretty quickly. Soon after Miss Currall asked if we wanted to go to a giant white water slide. “Why not,” we said. And off we went.

At this point we had made it to the top of the hill. Magan and I made Miss Currall go first. Let's say she did not like the idea but she reluctantly dragged herself up the stairs and took one step on to the slide, then off she went. Next, it was my turn. The man standing close by said, “You should jump, it makes you go faster.” So my dumb self decided to jump and I shot down the slide so fast I would have overtaken a cheetah. I had so much excitement running through my body. 

As I was sliding down the slide, I came to a sharp corner. I went around the corner so fast that my body flipped around, my whole body flew into the side and I bounced back. It gave me such a fright. We had so much fun, we decided to do it again and again until we were exhausted. Our bodies were slowly turning into ice cubes because we were so cold so we all decided to go to the hot pools.  As my cold, stiff legs hit the water I felt burning on my ankles and wrists. I wasn’t sure what it was until I looked and I realized it was my burns from the stupid slide. 

We spent the rest of the time in the hot pools soothing our aches and pains.


by Izzy Jenks

The view was picturesque, delicate ripples patterned the river, hills towered in the distance wherever you turned. Trees stood ten metres tall, planted firmly into the ground, their leaves swaying in the gentle breeze. The water droplets on my arms glittered in the sun. Barely a single cloud was in the sky.

I moved my paddle side to side using the water to propel me forwards, my kayak rocked gently while I flowed down the river at a steady pace. The anxiety that had crept up on me whilst getting into the kayak had floated away, all I felt now was peace. I took a breath of the fresh, pure air and continued to follow everyone else.

Around the corner was a different story. The current grew stronger until I didn’t have to paddle. When I came around it, I noticed that Miss Currall was trying to get through a gap in the trees. It looked like a struggle as the current was opposing her yet she tried. Eventually, the water got the upper hand and turned her kayak sideways and flipped her into the water. I stopped kayaking and watched in curiosity. Fortunately, the water was shallow so the risk of drowning was very low. We all then had to make our way through the gaps with Miss Currall pushing us through the current. As I found, it was tough, the water was pushing me back, I tried to grab onto the thin, wiry tree branches to pull me through but they offered no assistance as II got swallowed by the branches.

Eventually, I made it through with much effort and into a little calm spot of water. Relief washed over me as I paddled through the smooth, silky water. The raging current that I had just come through suddenly became calmer. I relaxed into my kayak and looked up into the sky then closed my eyes and waited.


by Casey Osborne

A glacial breeze flowed in the calm, morning air. The lake was a glistening milky-white colour. The kayaks glowed fluorescent green and orange in the beaming sunlight. We had hoisted our kayaks down the steep, bumpy hill to the elevated, wooden edge of the lake. As time passed, we began loading the kayaks into the shallow water, in the restrictions of the buoys. Five minutes passed while everyone was having fun, bumping into people and paddling about. Ms Currall floated in with her kayak and waded with us for a while before we set off across the middle of the calm lake. 

I settled into my kayak and everyone eventually passed me. As I waded through the delicate water, I watched the calm ripples flowing from the front of my kayak, the birds flew through the air and the trees swayed in the gentle breeze. I relaxed more and more into my kayak as I drifted closer to the slight corner where the others had turned off.

I paddled calmly until I turned the bend, which then I paddled furiously. I paddled furiously because I saw Quinn and Hayden attempting to flip an overturned kayak. I paddled until I got closer to them and realised it was Miss Currall’s kayak. I saw MIss Currall in a little crevasse on the side of the lagoon. The raging current was pacing through it at extreme speeds. I paddled up to her and she said that she was going to help me get through. I gleefully accepted as I didn’t know anyway. I was getting through there alone. 

Miss Currall seized the acute peak of the kayak and lugged it through to halfway in the narrow alley of rushing water. She yelled at me to paddle like my life depended on it. So I did. Even though I paddled as hard as I could, I just couldn't pass through. I eventually got stuck and held onto a nearby tree. As two other people passed me, I had to hold on to the tree because otherwise, I would have slipped out and potentially hurt or drowned someone.

Once Miss Currall had pushed Quinn through, she came up and untangled me from out of the thin tree branches. Miss Currall pushed me through and I met up with the rest of the class on the other side. When Miss Currall had come through we set off again. 

.When we got back to the camp we were all exhausted. I was personally had it. I could barely use my arms. Overall it was a fun experience and I hope to do it again one day.