Year 1-13 Mentoring and Goal Setting

Book your Mentoring and Goal Setting Session now!

Bookings are now open for our Year 1-13 Mentoring and Goal Setting Event on March 24th!

Go to: and use code: yf2s9 to book your 30-minute slot.
Each session will include:
  • Students presenting their goals to whanau
  • An opportunity to view Year 1-10 Learning Portfolios and discuss recent PAT and PaCT results
  • An open forum to raise any queries regarding your child's learning dispositions and progression.
It is essential that your child attends the session with you - they are in charge of presenting some of the material. Uniform is not required on the day. Please note - there will be no classes or supervision provided at school on the day.

For Room 2, there is a different arrangement as Miss Pennell will be away from school on the 24th of March. (Congratulations to Miss Pennell on your upcoming wedding!) Room 2 students will not be required to attend school on March 24th. Their Mentoring and Goal Setting Sessions will be held on Thursday 2nd April, during a normal school day. whānau and students can meet with Miss Pennell in the Board Room whilst their class is taught by Mrs McDougall.