Uniform 2020

Our updated uniform remains a hit, most of the items seem to have a lot better 'wear' than previous versions, and our students are looking smart. We've received a lot of compliments on the new look!

Ahead of 2020, there is one minor 'tweak' to the uniform requirement list - in Years 7 and 8 students will now be required to wear black, nuggetable, closed-in standard school shoes. This is a requirement in the Health and Safety Act for students who use labs, technology areas and other rooms with chemicals (e.g. art). Please ensure you purchase the correct items ahead of time in order to avoid missing out on valuable curriculum time. Students in Years 7 and 8 will need to bring specialist shoes for PE classes. A handy visual guide is included.

Please note: The best way to tell if a uniform item is correct is to look at the list displayed with uniform in The Warehouse, or on their website: www.thewarehouse.co.nz/c/schools and search for The Catlins Area School.

In 2020, let's eliminate...
  • Cargo pants and shorts
  • Track pants in the senior school
  • Items with logos
  • Napier check skirts in the junior school
  • Coloured socks/stockings/tights
  • Items with brand logos
  • Stubby shorts
  • Sports hoodies
  • Incorrect school shoes
  • Incorrect hats
Please check your child's uniform before the start of the new year!!
Click on the image below to view/download a copy of The Catlins Area School Uniform list for 2020:Uniform 2020