Toys at School - from The Board of Trustees

Toys at School - from The Board of Trustees

During the course of this term, many hours of teachers' time have been lost to resolving problems relating to toys from home. Following a recent group of incidents involving toys and other personal possessions at school, the Junior Teaching Team have asked the Board to clarify to parents The Catlins Area School's policy and procedure regarding toys in school.

Our policy states: "The Catlins Area School does not accept responsibility for items that students or staff choose to bring to school e.g. toys, jewellery, cameras, watches, cell phones, IT devices."

Students have in their homes a wide variety of toys, many of significant value and/or highly prized by their owners.  Please note that we cannot accept any responsibility for lost or damaged toys at school.  We ask parents to be particularly careful with what children bring to school, and bring home from school - it's very easy for prized possessions to be lost or damaged resulting in very upset children.

Should any personal property cause problems, items will be removed from the student for the day, returned at 3 pm with the message that they not be brought along to school again.

Moving forward to the new school year, the school will be delivering a learning programme focussing on 'Conflict Resolution' for Primary-aged students as part of our PB4L (Positive Behaviour for Learning) Programme.

Many thanks for your continued support.

The Board of Trustees