Term One in the Art Department

Term One in the Art Department

Term One has been a busy time in the Art Department. From Dioramas to Whistling Frogs to Self Portraits, there's been a lot going on.

Instead of doing a final landscape painting Year 7 wanted to make models, so we learnt about what a Diorama is and different techniques for creating textures. We used sand, pencil shavings, polystyrene and coffee grounds to add stone, gravel and grass textures to surfaces. The mud was a favourite, where claycrete was used to make rather deep muddy puddles.

Img 1553

Img 1552

Img 1556

Other Art projects that we have done recently...

  • All junior classes are working on a Bat project for a piece for an upcoming exhibition - watch this space...
  • Room 2 did wonderful paintings of Whistling Frogs for World Frog Day (March 20th)

Img 1525

Img 1526

  • Room 3 are working on Bat paintings
  • Room 19 have recently painted wonderful paintings inspired by Henri Rousseau.

Img 5091

Img 5092

Img 5090

  • Year 8 have been making Kiwiana collages, using abstract painting techniques and collage. Inspired by NZ Artist Sam Mathers.

Img 5083

Img 5084

  • Year 9&10 have been doing self-portraits.



We certainly have some incredible artists, here at The Catlins Area School!