TCAS Quadrathon

TCAS Quadrathon

The last sporting event as a whole school for 2021 was held on Thursday morning. The TCAS Quadrathon was added late to the calendar after the annual Waiwera South Quadrathon was cancelled due to COVID19.

The Waiwera Quadrathon is a popular event for our year 4-8 students with nearly 90% of eligible TCAS students taking part, so it was decided to create a TCAS event this year due to so many sporting activities cancelled or reduced in length due to COVID 19.  Watching the older students cheer on or run alongside junior students is always special to see and what makes an Area School so special.

TCAS Quadrathon consisted of four events - swim, road run, bike and cross country run with distances increased the older the students were. Special congratulations to Hayden Gordon who completed the course as the only Individual

Results are as follow

Year 1-2SwimRun BikeRun
1st Place Team BlueOlive McDougallEmma ParkesEmma ParkesBailey Shaw
2nd Place Team GreenAria KirkCarter ShuteKayden ParkesWillow Smith
3rd Place Team RedEvie McCallElla SellarsWilliam PerrinHunter Jarvis
4th Place Team YellowMikah OlsenLachlan CairnsLachlan CairnsOtto Magiera
5th Place Team OrangeHarriet ParkerBrody PepperallThomas BradfieldMolly Powell

Year 3-4SwimRun BikeRun
1st Place Juliet WilsonHarry McDougallHarry LietzeGeorge Tyrell20.03
2nd Place Indi HartvigsenIndie ParkesHaley JarvisMaggie Bradfield23.30
3rd Place Casey CatherwoodJesse PowellTheo KristelMika Nakajima23.45
4th Place Patrick HarrisonCharlie BlairRiley NishLuke Affleck26.10
5th PlaceBrooklyn LandrethLola PoveyMadison ReynoldsLillian Tyrell26.29
6th PlaceHazel CrawfordBella GivenBillie OlsenElla Hudson27.55

Year 5-6SwimRun BikeRun
1st Place Milly LietzeEddie CrawfordTim MagieraAnashae Logie16.63
2nd Place Anna JanssenHayden WellsChris JanssenCooper Landreth16.68
3rd Place Annabelle WilsonRocco PoveyIsla BerneyTom Tyrell19.70
4th Place Amber SeniorBailey PowellRylie SmithJacquelyn Barrett21.85

Year 7-8SwimRun BikeRun
1st PlaceMilly LietzeArchie ValliHadley GutsellArchie Valli20.90
2nd PlaceKaiyo NakajimaJack WalkerPeter JanssenJack Walker21.97
3rd PlaceHarry WalkerAustin MorrisonWill BerneyMark Janssen22.15
4th Place Harper MelvilleLaniah ShuteMaddox HarrisonHarper Melville26.33
5th PlaceShelby GivenMaia HartvigsenLana MagieraMaddi Fleming Penson28.27

Year 9-13SwimRun BikeRun
1st Place Braydee OsborneJethro MelvilleBlake AffleckTafaitoa Tyrell40 88
2nd Place Dannielle MasonBronte WilliamsBronte WilliamsDannielle Mason48.84
3rd Place Yui NakajimaLauren GrantLauren GrantAmelia Morrison48.84

IndividualHayden GordonHayden Gordon
Hayden Gordon
Hayden Gordon

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