Student Representatives for 2022

Student Representatives for 2022

We are fortunate in 2022 to have four outstanding students, Dannielle Mason, Kate Jackson, Izzy Jenks and Margret Tyrell stand up to represent the students at TCAS.

Dannielle M

Dannielle Mason - Head Student.

Hi my name is Dannielle Mason and I'm Head Student of The Catlins Area School for 2022. One of my interests are playing sports such as rugby and netball. Something I'm looking forward to this year is getting to organize more lunchtime activities and inter-house challenges. 

Izzy J

Izzy Jenks - Head Student.

Hi I'm Izzy and I am a Head Student for The Catlins Area School in 2022. I am currently also a member of the Clutha District Youth Council as representative for our school.  I enjoy playing sports such as netball. What I'm looking forward to this year is seeing what cool changes our Student Leader team can make to the school and all the activities we can organize for the students. 

Kate J

Kate Jackson - Prefect.

Hi I'm Kate and I am a prefect for 2022. I am also student rep on the Board of Trustees and am on the Clutha District Youth Council as a representative for the Catlins Area School. I am looking forward to all the new opportunities and experiences this year. 

Margret T

Margret Tyrell - Prefect.

Hi my name is Margret and I am a prefect in 2022. I love spending time with my family and my friends. I am looking forward to working with the teachers and students both inside and outside the school. I also can't wait to play my role as prefect for The Catlins Area School.