Sports News - 1st November 2019

Sports News - 1st November 2019

Sports Extravaganza, Police Competency Test, Quadrathon & Beach Ed Day...

Sports Extravaganza

Next week over two days all our Year 2-6 students will be attending the Sports Extravaganza in Balclutha. A huge thank you goes to all the parents volunteering to help as team managers and with transport.

Students are to come to school in school PE top, black or blue shorts, track pants, school PE hoodies (if have one), jacket and have a complete change of clothes. NO school tracksuits will be issued for this event.

Monday 4th November  - ALL Year 5-6 students

Staff and Parents helping as Team or Event leaders -Tania Barr, Richard Staniford, Carolyn Bopp, Fiona Wilkinson,  Adele Scott, Nicky Hartvigsen and Melanie Burgess  

Transport ONLY - Aleisha Gutsell

Senior Student Helpers - Mathew Dreaver, Dannielle Mason and Joey Jenks

Wednesday 6th November - ALL Year 2-4 students

Staff and Parents helping as Team or Event leaders - Emma Longmore, Britney Brown, Janelle Alsop-Coleman, Taylor Pennell, Nicky Hartvigsen, Sarah Lyons, Angela Senior, Juliet Anderson, Angela McAulay and Alyssa McDougall.

Police Competency Test

Our Year 7-8 students will have the great opportunity to take part in a simulated Police Competency Test. Teams of four are required to participate in a series of challenges including the ‘police car push’ as well as completing the obstacle course, as used in the entry exams for new police recruits.


Initial interest from Year 4-8 students have been gathered for this event and every year the interest increases with only three students of the 48 students opting not to participate.  Quadrathon consists of 10 lengths of a 10m shallow pool, 2km bike along a gravel road, 1.5km Cross Country run and a 1.2km road run.  

Quadrathon is held at Waiwera South School on Tuesday 26th November and with the team entries to be completed by Friday 7th November, please keep an eye out and complete the Google Form email requesting permission and transport requests.  

Beach Ed Day

The Year 7-11 students will participate in organised Beach/Aquatic activities on Wednesday, 11th December. So far we have confirmed that 16 students can attend surf lessons down at Curio Bay. We are currently working with other providers around the community to offer 2 other Outdoor Education activities in or around water.  We will be able to confirm these by the next school newsletter. We also need parents assistance for this to happen, to help transport all Year 7-11 students to their destination for this day. Please save the date and watch this space for more information.