South Otago Swimming

South Otago Swimming

On Wednesday evening, four TCAS swimmers attended the South Otago Swimming competition - Austin and Astrid Morrison, Kaiyo Nakajima and Milly Lietze.

Everyone swam incredible personal bests and all four competitors are on target to qualify for the Otago Swim Meet on 10th April.


Milly Lietze4Under 10 Girls 50m Backstroke53.79sec
Astrid Morrison7Under 11 Girls 50m Backstroke48.53
Austin Morrison3Under 11 Boys 50m Backstroke49.50
Milly Lietze1Under 10 Girls 50m Freestyle41.53
Astrid Morrison12Under 11 Girls 50m Freestyle47.56
Austin Morrison8Under 11 Boys 50m Freestyle44.38
Kaiyo Nakajima6Under 12 Boys 50m Freestyle51.28
Austin Morrison
Milly Lietze
Kaiyo Nakajima
Astrid Morrison
8Mixed 200m Freestyle Relay3min 18.67sec

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