Science Roadshow

Science Roadshow

The Year 7-9 students visited the Science Roadshow on Wednesday, 13th November at South Otago High School. The Roadshow provides quality interactive learning experiences in science, technology and innovation to New Zealanders. It has been doing so continuously since the first Science Roadshow 'hit the road' in 1988.

The Science Roadshow is a fun, exciting and interactive learning experience of science for children.
It includes live shows and hands-on exhibits that broaden students knowledge of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It strongly supports the Nature of Science strand and the Five Foundational Science Capabilities.

Each year the shows, themes and exhibits change, so there's always something new for students to learn and engage with.

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This year, the students saw a range of over 60 hands-on exhibits grouped under the following six themes:

  • Forces — Ngā tōpana
  • Comparisons — Ngā whakatauritenga
  • Observations using measurements — Te mātakitaki mā te ine
  • Patterns, grouping, classification — He tauira, he whakarōpu, he kōmakatanga
  • Materials — Ngā matū
  • Models — He tauira

There were also two live shows performed for the students:

  • On The Move — principles of force and movement.
  • Elemental Chemistry — building blocks of reactions.

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