Science Expo 2019

Science Expo 2019

Who were the winners and how can you insert a skewer into a balloon without it popping???

With special thanks to our special judges, Bryan Cadogan (Mayor), Catriona Gower (Otago Museum) and John Hooker (Scientist), our Science Expo went off without a hitch!

The entries were certainly creative and scientific, each one different from the next. I applaud the students who achieved while learning the scientific principles behind the action of their project. The students who showed tenacity with constant refinements to ensure their system worked and those who cared for and supported others when preparing their entries. Thank you to the parents who assisted with entries, the time spent working together on a project won’t be forgotten by our young learners easily.

Thank you to Emma Longmore and Lisa Hooker for again supporting our students with their learning and exposition skills.

Winning entries were created by:

Winner's Name Age Group Category
Chris Janssen Year 4
Jake Watt Year 5
Hadley Gutsell Year 6 (Joint)
Dion Ngatai Year 6 (Joint)
Ella Senior Year 7
Olivia Hartvigsen Year 8
Kate Jackson Year 9

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