Plastic Free Tuesday

Plastic Free Tuesday

How much plastic is in your lunchbox?

During the last term, B.J. and Austin from Room 3 have been running an experiment to see if students (and teachers) around the school can reduce the amount of plastic they bring in their lunch boxes.

They've been keeping lists and tracking everyone's plastic use. We all know how important it is to reduce our plastic usage, both at home and at school, so it is great to see the students getting on board and supporting B.J. and Austin during Plastic-Free Tuesday.

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Plastic-Free Tuesday

by B.J. Blair & Austin Morrison

Every Tuesday we want your children to bring a Plastic-Free lunch box because we are trying to reduce the amount of plastic we use in our everyday lives. So, instead of using a small yoghurt pottle you could buy a big one and get a little container that you can reuse and put the yoghurt in that. You could unwrap the muesli bar wrapper and just put it straight in the lunch box. What you could also do is get beeswax wraps to wrap your sandwiches or other food in it.

It’s been a good experiment doing and it’s good to reduce plastic in everyone’s lunch box, it looks really good.

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