Perceptual Motor Programme

Perceptual Motor Programme

Room 2 were introduced to our new PMP Programme.

We’re excited to introduce our PMP Programme courtesy of Alyssa McDougall and Taylor Pennell and our agile parent help team. 

So what is PMP?

‘A Perceptual Motor Programme (PMP) is a step-by-step programme, designed and individualised for the development of perceptual knowledge and judgement.

Perceptual knowledge/judgement comes from physical and sensory experiences that are repeated over and over. The perceptions that are formed over time help determine how children react to their environment, to others, and to new ideas.

When this is well developed, consequential reactions are more likely to be appropriate for any given situation. When it is not, it can impede learning. Children with common problems such as inattention, daydreaming, wandering, laziness, clumsiness, and disruptive behaviour are often those with a poorly developed "perceptual world." These children risk becoming frustrated and stressed which can shut down their ability to concentrate and comprehend.

A consistent and varied "diet" of physical and sensory experience is the key to developing perceptual judgments. The greater the store of experiences the better developed the perceptions and motor reactions. And when those perceptions and reactions become automatic, the brain is free for higher thinking tasks such as reading, writing and problem-solving.In short, refining perceptual judgments prepare the brain for learning.’

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