Krazy Maze!

Krazy Maze!

The Junior school is getting 'Krazy'!

Following a recommendation from a Room 3 parent and our regional occupational therapist, we’ve begun to create a Krazy Maze for the Junior area. 

Our fantastic Year 10 and 11 Project team along with our teachers and support staff (thanks Mrs P!) are making the maze a reality. 

So what are the Krazy Maze benefits for our younger learners?

‘Our maze will provide a variety of activities that create opportunities for learners to experience various types of sensory input. These sensory experiences include proprioceptive input (heavy work/weight-bearing through joints) and vestibular input (moving body through space) as well as incorporating crossing midline activities. This is known to improve the development of both gross motor skills and visual-motor skills.’

We can’t wait until it is finished!