Knucklebones, Magic Tricks & Scavenger Hunts

Knucklebones, Magic Tricks & Scavenger Hunts

To help build relationships and settle back into school routines post ‘lockdown’, Mr Bloxham and Mrs Bopp have been planning a range of combined activities and lessons with their classes.

Pupils have been learning/playing games like ‘Knuckle Bones’, Mathnolopy, Scavenger Hunt, Kahoot! Pupils have experienced a range of buddies within groups and have worked really well with everyone. This morning pupils shared their ‘magic tricks’ they’ve been researching and practising as well as started on the writing task with which they are part of 96 000 students taking part (Get Writing NZ).

Pupils are planning a road trip for their buddy school called Hautapu School in Cambridge. This will be condensed into one big road trip written onto 32 cards with keywords before it is collected on the 7th of June. We will receive the pack from our buddy class in mid-June where they have planned a road trip for us from Owaka to Hautupu School.

Pupils are all learning mapping skills and general knowledge about New Zealand.

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