Junior Assembly - 11th August

Junior Assembly - 11th August

On Wednesday 11th August, Room 3 hosted TCAS junior assembly. They delighted the audience with their presentation of the Hokey Pokey dance that introduces body coordination and helps students distinguish their right from left.

This term the Junior Syndicate have been focusing on the Olympics, Room 3 have busy learning where it was being held and creating posters. Students have also produced some Olympic persuasive writing and acrostic poems. On the topic of the Olympics, we have completed digital technology by using a paint tool called Kleki. 

Some students in Room 3 have been learning musical instruments outside of the classroom and they love to bring them into the classroom during music time.  Juliet Wilson played a piece on her violin which was appreciated by the whole assembly.

The following students also received certificates for demonstrating our school values in the classroom; Room 1: Hunter Jarvis, Room 3: Indie Parkes and Room 19: Ruby Watt (absent). Unfortunately Room 2 was at the Harold Life Education Bus and  missed out on assembly this week.

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