John's Trip to Japan

John's Trip to Japan

John Waters-Wilkinson's trip to Japan last year was an amazing experience and something he will never forget. Read what he has to say about the trip and watch his awesome video too...

Last year, I had the amazing opportunity to head away from New Zealand on an exchange program to Tokiwa High School in Japan for three weeks.
I left Dunedin on the 30th of November and spend the next 30 hours travelling to Kitakyushu.

Whilst there, I learned so much, including basic Japanese, like arigato (thank you) and ohaio gazaimasu (good morning). I also learned smaller things, how to eat with chopsticks, how to properly cook rice.

In Japan, I attended Tokiwa High School and took the opportunity to make life long friends with many of the students - we're still in constant contact now. I took classes such as Maths, Physics, Health, English and Classical Japanese. The first few days were very nerve-racking as only a few students speak English well - but for the rest of my time there, I had the best time of my life.

I would recommend this programme to everyone as it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You will remember it for the rest of your life.

John Waters-Wilkinson