Investigating our Students' Writing

Investigating our Students' Writing

Since late 2019, we've been on a mission to improve the structure strand of our students' writing.

Staff are inquiring into the processes which enable acceleration in writing development of students across the Year 1-10 age range. As part of this inquiry, students are enabled to understand and take control of their progress through the required learning progressions, demonstrating agency in their learning.

In an after-school meeting, teachers shared how they are using the TCAS Writing Development Tool in the classroom, which was created by staff in 2019, led by Mrs Bopp. Miss Pennell shared her experience with 'Story Prompts' gained through her engagement with the ALL (Accelerating Learning in Literacy) programme which she currently leads at TCAS. The Writing Professional Learning Group has decided to extend its programme by providing a platform for students of all ages to hear and see examples of other students' writing. This process is expected to help students identify critical structures within their writing and pinpoint areas for development.

Thank you to all the staff involved in this professional learning group, you are certainly leading the way in making a difference in writing skills and progress across the school.

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