Harmful Digital Communications Act 2015

Harmful Digital Communications Act 2015

It was our pleasure, yet again, to host Constable Gordon from NZ Police. She is a wonderful educator and an asset to our community.

Our Year 5-7 area are learning about harmful digital communications and cyberbullying. Constable Gordon helped our students understand the act and the students created mini-skits to demonstrate some of the 10 key principles.

As part of this discussion, we were able to talk about Tik Tok (rated 13+) and similar apps such as Omegle (rated 18+ unless with consent from a parent). In New Zealand, the rating for Tik Tok is 13+, in other countries it is rated as 18+. Both apps expose children to strangers, promoting conversations and the upload of visual content to a global, unmonitored audience. Family Zone has a few articles about apps such as these, and their lack of protection for young people. Read one here: familyzone.com/anz/families/blog/tiktok-just-got-safer-in-theory

As always, it is fantastic to be connected globally and to be able to use the learning opportunities this creates. But with this opportunity comes responsibility. Don't forget to check what your young people share online - young people make mistakes, they need guidance and support to make good choices.

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