End of Term 2 Assembly

End of Term 2 Assembly

Congratulations to all the students who have been awarded TCAS way acknowledgements during the Term 1 and 2 period - over 970 TCAS cards were in the box!

The following students were acknowledged with TCAS Badges:

  • Bronze Tenacity - Cooper Cleland, Korban Craigie, Ella Senior, Charlotte Pitts
  • Bronze Achievement - Jate Jackson, Charlotte Pitts, Nicole Sinclair, Jade Gutsell
  • Bronze Service - Jade Gutsell, Dannielle Mason

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TCAS Warehouse Vouchers:

  • Most Tenacious Students during Lockdown Learning - Bella Cooper-Blackie and Hadley Gutsell
  • Most Caring Student during Cross Country - Chris Kohunui-Kumeroa

TCAS Warehouse Voucher Draw:

  • Term 1 - Luke Affleck - caring for others in the sandpit
  • Term 2 - Braydee Osborne - tenacity in Art during the lockdown

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