Clued Up Kids 2021

Clued Up Kids 2021

On Wednesday 28th July the Year 6s together with Mrs Parker and Mr Nathan Wilson attended the Clued Up Kids event in Balclutha.

The group took part in a number of short workshops including bicycle safety, fitting a bike helmet correctly, fire safety, earthquake drills, dog safety, gun safety, CPR introduction, Search and Rescue and safety around train tracks. 

The event was widely supported by South Otago Primary Schools, with approximately 100 children attending a morning session and the same again in the afternoon session. The event has been very successful in the past. We were very grateful to be invited, and want to say a huge thank you to Mr Wilson for transporting students there and back. 

Thank you also to other parents who had volunteered to give up their time to come. Without your kindness, we couldn't attend these days out. A special thank you to the students who were exceptionally well mannered and well behaved - something that was commented on by several of the presenters. Well done Year 6! We are proud of you all. 

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