Classes for 2021

Please find information and a chart showing the general set up of classes for 2021.

YearTeacherRoomNumber of Students
NE & Year 1Mrs Grant*
Room 1
15 (by the end of 2021)
Year 2 & 3
Mrs Bichon (nee Pennell)
Room 2
Year 3 & 4
Ms McLaughlin
Room 315
Year 5 & 6
Mrs Parker
Room 19
Year 7
Mrs Kaur (Tutor teacher)
Maths Room
Year 8Mr Bloxham (Tutor teacher)
Room 16
Year 9 & 10
Mr Koorey - Te Huki (Tutor teacher)
Foods Room
Year 11
Ms Darmody (Tutor teacher)
Art Room
Year 12 & 13
Miss Currall (Tutor teacher)
Science Lab

* In Term 3 Mrs Grant is undertaking a research sabbatical and will be replaced by another teacher.

There are always exceptions to these generalised arrangements, especially when matching teachers to students dependent on needs in the primary area. If your child is in Years 1-10 in 2021, you will receive an indication of their class/teacher with their report at the end of the term (e.g. the correct stationery list for the allocated class will be attached to the report). Students in Year 11 and above in 2021 will attend a course confirmation day on January 29th 2021 to finalise their timetables.

Once reports have been received, if you have any queries about class placements, please contact Mrs Grant ([email protected]) if your child is in Years 1-6, or Mr Samson ([email protected]) if your child is in Years 7-10.