Charlotte and her Spirit of Adventure

Charlotte and her Spirit of Adventure

Charlotte had the amazing opportunity to spend her birthday on a boat with a group of like minded teens.

On the 8th of July, Charlotte Pitts (Year 12) got an amazing opportunity to go on a boat for 10 days. It was called Spirit of Adventure. Flying to Whangarei at 8:30 am she then took a shuttle with 10 other people from the Spirit of Adventure to meet up with 40 other students from all over New Zealand. When everyone got to our destination they settled into the boat and got to know everyone. 'The Crew' then got straight to organising the groups and Charlotte was in a group with 10 other girls and were part of Port A. No rest as then the groups got put straight to work and Port A was on veggie prep for dinner. The rest of the groups were getting the sails ready. 

Every morning there was a basic routine to follow. Wake up was at 6:30am to go for a swim and then down for breakfast. At 8am every group had colours assigned which then corresponded to what tasks we were doing for the day. After that decision everyone went and cleaned the ship. 

On the last day, we woke at 6am and packed up everything, clothes, food, and cleaning products and cleaned the whole boat very deeply. Then we sailed all the way to the port. We then bussed to Whangarei to drop off some people who were flying from there. 

Charlotte would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Cairns for helping her, pushing her to do her best and reaching for her goal and also to the community for their financial support. 

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