Big River Raft Race 2020

Big River Raft Race 2020

The annual Big River Raft Race was again entered by a TCAS team, this time it was the Year 10s. Read about Casey Osborne's experience of the race...

On the 22nd of February, we participated in the Clutha Raft Race! When Izzy and I arrived at the launching site, the raft and everybody was already there. Quickly everybody started putting on lifejackets and sorting out paddles. I had brought face paint with me so everybody slathered it all over their faces (including Miss Currall)! After that, we unhooked the raft from the trailer and lifted it down halfway into the water. Soon after, we got called up to the emergency briefing. And at the end, he yelled 1… 2… 3… GO!!! 

Raft Race Start

We all raced down to the raft and we took a while to push it in because we kept getting stuck on the shallow riverbed. We had to take down our flag because it kept falling into the water. We thought that we were going really slow but in reality we were going quite fast. Miss Currall said to steer us into the current, which was to the right. So I pushed the paddle as far as possible, while getting hit by the paddler to the left of me. We stuck to the current for a while until an island came up, which I was yelled at to steer around. 


Eventually, I swapped positions with Korban and started paddling. A little while after we swapped we started heading towards the left bank. Even with Korban attempting to steer us away, we got dangerously close to the bank and had to be rescued by the support boat. They towed us away from the bank and the floating debris. 

At one point, the jet skis came up and threw a tidal wave our way. The water was extremely cold and it gave everyone a fright. We passed the small raft in front of us and threw eggs and water balloons at them. Once we had passed the second final corner, the jet ski came up and sprayed us again. As we got to the bridge people were pelting us with eggs, water balloons, flour and dough. Nicole’s dad hit me in the ear with an egg and my ear started bleeding.


Overall it was a fun experience and we came fourth out of seven rafts. Next year, we are planning to challenge other Clutha region schools to this race. Bring on 2021!

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