Students showcase TCAS by making movies!

Students showcase TCAS by making movies!

The Year 7 & 8's have been taking footage from around the school and using iMovies to create snippets of what TCAS has to offer.

The students of Room 16 have been busy learning about camera angles and creating videos using iMovie to showcase The Catlins Area School as a part of the Future Focused Learning Project. The students have collaborated to capture snippets of places and learning happening in and around the school. 

Theses photos are only a very small selection of the great shots taken from the movies made by the pairs. Activities spotlighted in the movies are very diverse much like our students! There is swimming, soccer and shooting hoops, playground antics, shrubbery, scenery and classroom environments.

Our school video will be displayed in the movie theatre at the Balclutha Community Hub on Wednesday the 29th of November, from 10 am-12 pm. Go along and see an exciting glimpse into our school through their lenses, there are some talented film-makers in the making!

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