'Bunsen Burner Licences' for Room 19

'Bunsen Burner Licences' for Room 19

At an Area School younger students have the benefit of access to specialised teaching and classrooms. Year 5 and 6 students were able to turn their scientific learning to the laboratory for a practical.

Room 19 have spent some time studying hard for their 'Bunsen Burner Licence". Heading to the Science Lab armed with knowledge, all ākonga listened to Miss Currall who explained safety in the lab, simple steps for lighting a bunsen burner, parts of the burner and a demonstration.

Students then took a theory test for ten minutes, where they had to label parts, put steps in the correct order and explain how you would demonstrate safety. To obtain a licence students had to score 20 correct out of 22. Those unable to reach this score earned their restricted licence which has conditions on supervision.

After the test, everyone was excited to don safety googles and lab coats to start the practical side of learning. Grouped in pairs, everyone was given the opportunity to light a burner, which was a huge feat considering students had never touched a match before!

Fun fact: the Bunsen Burner is named for Robert Bunsen, the German chemist who introduced it in 1855. The Bunsen burner was the forerunner of the gas-stove burner and the gas furnace. Room 19 wonders if he would have passed!

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