Itinerant Teachers of Music treat students to a show.

Itinerant Teachers of Music treat students to a show.

Itinerant Teachers of Music (ITMs) perform a very important role in secondary schools, supporting the performance aspects of music courses, and enabling students to develop their musical talents in performance. Instead of teaching the ākonga at TCAS, we were treated to a symphony of sounds that delighted.

The seven performers travelled from Dunedin to play an array of instruments both solo, in trios and as an ensemble for the entire school on Wednesday afternoon. Playing was tied together with a informative slide show of the instruments on offer as part of the programme. 

Collectively armed with a whopping 150 years of music playing and teaching experience they demonstrated the violin, viola, cello, oboe, flute, saxophone, trombone and trumpet. The strings section was demonstrated by Ainsley Tucker, Beverley Dwan and Jo Brusse. These ladies were accompanied by Ross Kane, Sinclair McLaren, and Nick Cornish on the woodwinds and Paul Clayman on brass. Songs ranged from popular TV shows such as The Simpsons, Stranger Things and Wednesday to classical, jazz and even music from New Zealand band Six60. 

The teachers say the best thing about their job is working with children and inspiring them in a lifelong interest. Group involvement is a fantastic opportunity to learn as it promotes learning and often children stick with an instrument longer.

Ainsley Tucker and Ross Kane visit every Monday to teach music lessons to our ākonga as part of the Itinerant Teachers of Music (ITMs). We are able to offer this programme once again to Year 5 students and above with lessons beginning this Monday. If your child/ren are interested in taking music lessons, they are encouraged to give their names to Amanda Smith to secure a spot.

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