Hākinakina celebrated at assembly!

Hākinakina celebrated at assembly!

Assembly this week has been all about hākinakina (sports) and poutama (achievement).

Term 4 has had a spotlighted focus on poutama value and the ākonga at TCAS have delivered just that. We have had achievement in the last two weeks by way of Jethro Melville playing cricket for South Otago High School, First XI.  On the previous Saturday, Jethro opened the batting in Balclutha and scored 201 runs, not out, completely by himself. This is a new record for South Otago High School, congratulations Jethro! 

Celebrating TCAS values, Casey Catherwood earned her Achievement badge, ka pai te mahi! A huge stack of TCAS cards were awarded for week 5 and 6 and Flynn Lietze was the draw winner who received a $10 Four Square voucher. Riley Nish received his also from Week 3.

Quadrathon success and achievement were celebrated and the following teams were called up that contributed to TCAS taking out three 1st placings and two 3rd placings:

1st Place Year 4 Mixed - TCAS 4: Lola Povey, Tofiga Tyrell, Lillian Tyrell, and Brooklyn Landreth.

1st Place Year 5 Mixed - TCAS 2: Mika Nakajima, Harry Lietze, Graham Twaddle, and Harry McDougall.

3rd Place Year 6 Mixed - TCAS 3: Juliet Wilson, Rocco Povey, Hollie Harrex, and Bailey Powell.

1st Place Year 8 Mixed - Catlins 3: Milly Lietze, Harry Walker, Liv Harrex, and William Berney.

3rd Place Year 8 Mixed - Catlins 2: Annabelle Wilson, Astrid Morrison, Tom Tyrell, and Zoe Senior.

Swimming sports results have been tallied and what a phenomenal effort with 57 records being broken! Nat Harrex and Mrs Cairns presented the certificates to the top three placings in each year group. Congratulations to all our swimmers.

Year 1 - 2 Boys:  1st Place - Thomas Bradfield, 2nd Place - Lachlan Cairns, 3rd Place - Kayden Parkes.

Year 1 - 2 Girls:  1st Place - Olive McDougall, 2nd Place - Mikah Olsen, 3rd Place - Danielle Twaddle.

Year 3-4 Boys:  1st Place - William Perrin, 2nd Place - Tofiga Tyrell, 3rd Place - Luke Affleck.

Year 3-4 Girls:  1st Place - Lola Povey (Absent), 2nd Equal - Lillian Tyrell, 3rd Equal - Brooklyn Landreth.

Junior Boys:  1st Place - Rocco Povey (Absent), 2nd Place - Harry Lietze, 3rd Place - Harry McDougall.

Junior Girls:  1st Place - Hollie Harrex, 2nd Place - Juliet Wilson, 3rd Place - Khloe Dawkins.

Intermediate Boys:  1st Place - Austin Morrison, 2nd Place - Harry Walker, 3rd Place - William Berney.

Intermediate Girls:  1st Place - Milly Lietze, 2nd Place - Annabelle Wilson, 3rd Place - Astrid Morrison.

Senior Boys:  1st Place - Kaiyo Nakajima, 2nd Place - Flynn Lietze (Absent), 3rd Place - Casey Osborne (Absent), 

Senior Girls:  1st Place - Yui Nakajima (Absent), 2nd Place - Amelia Morrison, 3rd Place - Natalie Grant.


Science Badge has been a focus across ages within science class and Amelia Morrison was awarded her certificate and badge for Entomology. Annabelle Wilson was awarded her badge for wool.

There is one assembly left for the year on Tuesday 13th December before prizegiving, all are welcome!

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