Our new face of sports!

Our new face of sports!

It's been a busy few weeks in the sport department including a brand new sports coordinator!

For all those that haven't met our new TCAS Sports Coordinator, we introduce Natalie Harrex, or as the ākonga call her Nat.

I'm sure you've all received an email or three from her at some stage. Tania Barr has been fantastic in supporting Nat in her new role, handing over all her well oiled systems and invaluable sporting knowledge. It's been a huge undertaking to pass on the role as, due to Covid, this term has some sports in it that we usually expect to happen in Term 1. Hopefully next year "Covid" will be a word we no longer need to use in the sports department and everyday life.

Nat is trialing a new system of getting information home regarding sporting opportunities that are available to our students. Whenever a sport/activity is offered to us we want all the parents and caregivers to know about it as well. So you may receive a few more emails from Catlins Sport ([email protected]), but this way ensures no one is missing out. So going forward when a sport presents itself, an email will be sent to all parents and caregivers with students in the relevant year group, with all the information needed. If your child/ren are interested, parents and caregivers submit the emailed form as permission, and if not you can just delete the email.

The ākonga are also being told about these opportunities in class via morning notices. This way we are encouraging these conversations to happen at school as well as at home. 

We welcome Nat to the TCAS whānau and we are looking forward to seeing the sporting opportunities for our ākonga.