100% Attendance Mayoral Morning Tea

100% Attendance Mayoral Morning Tea

Many of the school community may know that I sit on the regional school attendance group, Rock On. I have a special interest in this aspect of learning - being present at school not only develops the routines for success, but also a consistent pathway through learning.

Often, this interest leads me to meetings where I do my best to work with the team supporting those who find attending school difficult, rarely do I have my attention drawn to those who excel in their participation. With this in mind, I approached the Mayor to ask if he would reward students from The Big River Kahui Ako who attained 100% attendance for the school year in a special ceremony at the Council Chambers.

In consultation with schools across the region, we identified nine students who have attended school every day this year. Each was invited to the 100% Attendance Mayoral Address and morning tea, including two from The Catlins Area School. Congratulations to Adam Pullar and Casey Osborne for their achievement. According to the Mayor, their achievement sits them in the top 0.25% of school attenders in the region.

Adam and Casey had the opportunity to take the lectern at the Council Chambers, addressing the group. The Mayor presented each with a certificate to mark the occasion. The presentation was followed by a morning tea where the successful students had a chance to mix and mingle.

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