Junior Assembly 9th June

Junior Assembly was hosted by Room 3 this week. They delighted the audience with their presentation of the cha cha dance that introduces body coordination and helps students distinguish their right from their left.

Room 3 have been busy doing some fun science experiments with Mrs Mc Dougall, one of their experiments displayed was ‘Lemon Juice as Invisible Ink’. They used the carbon molecules in lemon juice which oxidizes and dries transparent and it turns brown when heated. This means they can make a picture appear out of thin air. 

Room 3 also exhibited a play “The best food shop in town” using expression while reading. 

The following students also received certificates for demonstrating the school values in the classroom; Room 1 Harriet Parker, Room 2 Ella Sellars, Room 3 Riley Nish and Room 19 Aleecia Fisher.

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