Electric Win

On Tuesday 14th July, four students accompanied Mr Samson and went to Invercargill to attend the Southland Electrical Competition.

Casey Osborne, Mia Cable, Braydee Osborne and Izzy Jenks competed in teams of two against teams from Verdon College. They learnt so many new skills such as how to wire lights to switches in a mini house, and how to enter and troubleshoot computer programming.  They competed enthusiastically and attempted all the modules they were given to a high standard.

After the competition, there was an opportunity to talk to some employers about what is looked for in an apprenticeship. Casey and Izzy placed 1st in the electrical competition and won the Electrical Inter-School Competition trophy with Mia and Braydee coming in 2nd place. 

Casey and Izzy then went on to do the First Aid Module and the instructor was very surprised by their extensive knowledge of basic first aid in a dangerous situation. Both students had to enter a scene where they had to examine a patient who had just received an electrical burn and used DRSABC and just some basic knowledge of CPR.

All students were extremely grateful for this experience and hope to be able to participate in this programme again next year.

Izzy Jenks

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