Swimming Sports results but which house is on top?

The results are in for the swimming sports that were held on the 26th of October. Congratulations to our following swimmers who have made a top three placing:


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

Junior Boy Lengths

William Perrin

Thomas Bradfield

Declan Brookland

Year 5-6 Boys

Harry Lietze

Harry McDougall

Graham Twaddle

Year 7-8 Boys

Rocco Povey

Blair Munro

Cooper Landreth

Senior Boys

Kaiyo Nakajima

Austin Morrison

Flynn Lietze


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

Junior Girl Lengths

Olive McDougall

Ella Sellars

Harriet Parker & Dannielle Twaddle

Year 5-6 Girls

Juliet Wilson

Mika Nakajima

Lola Povey

Year 7-8 Girls

Milly Lietze

Hollie Harrex

Kat Cameron

Senior Girls

Yui Nakajima

Amelia Morrison

Liv Harrex


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

Junior RelayManukaNoraSurat
Senior RelayManukaNoraSurat

Congratulations to Rocco Povey, Austin Morrison, Kaiyo Nakajima, Milly Lietze, Amelia Morrison and Yui Nakajima who broke TCAS records!

And our house champion this year is Nora! Nora is first with 488 points, Manuka is second with 334 points and Surat in third with 153 points.

It's turned blue this year, well done Nora!

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