The Catlins Seedling Company

The Catlins Seedling Company

The Year 10 students have formed The Catlins Seedling Company, as part of their Economics unit.

This term In our Integrated Studies class we are focusing on economics and looking at “how people seek economic growth through business and enterprise”. As part of this unit, we have set up a company ‘Catlins Seedlings Co’. This company is growing vegetable and flower plants from seed to sell to Catlins’ locals and the plants will be ready for sale at the beginning of term four. They will be sold in punnets of six for $2.50 each or 5 for $10 ( Sunflowers sold for 50 cents). It would be helpful for us if you could give us an indication of the types of plants you may be interested in purchasing by filling in our survey.

As we are an environmentally friendly company we are using recycled punnets. If you have any you could donate to us they would be most appreciated. They can be left beside the Community Pantry at the top of the school drive or given to any Year 10 student.

Managing Director,
Kate Jackson

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