Peer Mediation and Peer Support

Our Year 12 students are currently training to become Peer Support Leaders in Term 2. They will be developing and teaching a course to their younger counterparts.

The younger students benefit from activities which the develop skills, knowledge and confidence to make connections with the people around them. The Year 12 leaders develop relationships with the younger students, providing support, role modelling opportunities and mentoring. Once trained, the Year 12 students will implement their programme, teaching the Year 7-11 students in an activity-based programme.

Tracy Scott from The Peace Foundation visited us this week with follow up training for our Peer Mediators. Peer mediation for minor lunchtime issues between students will restart when our mediators return from Camp in week 5. The mediators will be decorating a special space in the Junior Playground to establish a fixed mediation station and encouraging students to use their service responsibly by incorporating TCAS card acknowledgements of positive changes to playground behaviour.

Isn’t it great to have so many responsible students that can be relied upon to assist our younger students? Tino pai mahi!