External Examinations

A number of NCEA standards are assessed externally, i.e. not by the school's teachers. In most subjects, students sit an exam at the end of the school year, which covers these externally assessed standards. Exams are written and marked by teachers contracted to NZQA for that purpose. All candidates for a subject will sit the exam at the same time wherever they are. All their answers will be marked to the same standard.


Information sheets

Information is provided on external examinations for students entered for external assessments. This information is handed out with the examination Admission Slips. If you need another copy of the sheet, see the Candidate Information Sheet (PDF, 42KB).


Previous exam booklets and documents

On the NZQA website, under NCEA subject resources, students can find:

  • previous exam booklets for the standards they're sitting.
  • assessment schedules for previous exams. This tells students what markers were looking for when they marked their answer booklets.
  • the assessment specifications for this year's exams. These tell students what the exams will be like and the equipment that can be used.


Examination Timetable

The NCEA Examination Timetable for 2017 can be found here.