Cellphone Policy Consultation

Since the start of 2018 the school has dealt with a number of incidents relating to inappropriate use of cellphones and other devices such as iPods which access social media. Some of the incidents occur outside of school hours, but are dealt with by the school because of the associated behaviour which comes to class. All incidents (whether inside or outside of school) are distracting from the core business of our school - learning.
The school wifi is locked to social media. A few students have been bypassing NFL systems which keep students safe at school by using VPN or apps to access social media, and by using their own data.
The Catlins Area School would like to consult with students and their families on the future of cellphones in school.

We have developed two possible Policies, please read them before answering the questionnaire.

Cellphone Use Policy

No Cellphone Use Policy

Follow this link to the questionnaire.