Attitude Presentations

On Thursday 23rd August, our Year 7-13 students will participate in our annual visit from Attitude NZ. Attitude provide age-appropriate Health-Hauora education across New Zealand Schools. You can view their programmes at:

The programmes for our students this year will be:

Year 7 and 8 (9.20-10.20am) - Who am I?

Making positive decisions now will help teenagers develop into someone they can be proud of. Content includes identity, self-esteem, the power of choices, and keys to a happy life. 

Year 9 and 10 (10.40-11.40am) - Connected, Online Safety and Citizenship.

Connected helps young people reflect on how technology influences their lives, and encourages them to become positive cyber citizens and to seek a healthy balance between the online and offline worlds. Text bullying, online addiction and cyber safety are covered.

Years 11-13 (11.40am-12.40pm) - Attitude, Choices

This presentation offers practical advice on how to get through the hard chapters of life and delivers the ‘life messages’ teenagers need to grow mental and emotional resilience. It covers the importance of making positive decisions, and how to build the four cornerstones of a meaningful life.

If you wish to withdraw your child from any of these presentations, please contact the main office, (03) 415 8036.