Alert Level 2

Alert Level 2

Please take time to read the following information regarding COVID-19 Alert Level 2.

Keep safe:

  • You can expect safe and sensible practices for hygiene and contact tracing at school.

  • At-risk children, or children who are sick continue to learn from home.

  • Children and teachers are expected to social distance in the sense that they should not touch each other or be close enough to feel someone’s breath.

For parents:

  • Visits to school should be kept to an absolute minimum. Call us rather than meet face-to-face where possible.

  • If a visit to the school site is essential, you must adhere to 2m social distancing rules, sign into our contact tracing register at reception. Classroom visits are not possible at this time.

  • Avoid congregation. No pick-ups or drop-offs inside the school grounds unless by school bus. (Exceptions exist for students with special needs and new entrants).

  • Community groups will not be able to use the school site until further notice.

Children at school:

  • Good hygiene matters.

    • Remind your child that they are expected to follow good hygiene practices –wash and dry hands regularly, cough into their elbow, don’t touch their face, and use hand sanitiser.

    • Talk to your child about why it is important that they do not share any food, drinks or equipment with others at school. 

  • On the way to the school or centre site:

    • If you drop your child off to school, let them know you have to drop them off on Stuart Street (at the top of the school driveway) and let them enter the school site on their own. 

    • Talk to them about keeping the seats closest to the driver clear on their school transport, and using hand sanitiser.

  • School will be similar to normal, but not the same.

    • Students will be asked to sit in the same spot in each classroom used.

    • Students will need to observe ‘keeping your hands to yourself’ principles, and maintaining a distance between them and others so that they cannot feel each other’s breath.

    • Activities at interval and lunchtime that involve physical contact will not be possible.

    • Students will be asked to sanitise their hands, high touch equipment and work spaces at every transition during the school day.

    • There will be no sharing of lunch items or drink bottles. Drink bottles can be filled from water fountains, but students cannot drink directly from the fountain.

    • Playgrounds and shared playground equipment (like balls and skipping ropes) can be used. Hygiene practices will be expected.

    • No students will be allowed off school site during the day (e.g. Y13 visits to 4Square)

    • On days where older students have PE, they may come to school wearing their PE gear – this will minimise crowding in changing rooms.

Please see the link below for additional information shared by the Ministry of Education: