On Thursday 8th September, nine students from Years 7 and 8 travelled to the Cross Recreation Centre in Balclutha to compete in the Term 3 challenge of Top Team. The Top Team competition is open to all schools in the Clutha district and challenges students in their sporting abilities, strength, teamwork and general knowledge to see which school will reign Top Team supreme. Each event involves a different quiz and different sports or activities. 

Thursday night saw the challenge begin with the physical component, and students were introduced to the game of Turbo Touch. Unlike traditional Touch, the ball can be passed forwards (and backwards, sideways, any way you like!) with teams only having two possessions to create a touchdown and opening the end zone for scoring; this creates an expressive style of play where the glory can be shared by the whole team.

TCAS were a little hesitant and cautious to begin with, but by the third round the passing accuracy, catching, and communication between team mates resulted in touchdowns. After five hard fought rounds the team made the final against Lawrence but just missed out on a victory.

Teams from schools were then broken down to smaller groups of three for the quiz. The afternoon quiz was a selection of logos and slogans for national and local companies. To finish off the afternoon all teams competed in a good old-fashioned tug-of-war. There is a final Top Team day in November and we are all looking forward to it already!